Jackie did not expect to become homeless because of the actions of someone close to her. Despite the uphill battle she faced, she rebuilt her life with a little help from Catholic Social Services.


Betty had been married for 40 years and depended upon her husband to manage the finances. When her husband became ill, she focused on his care, not thinking beyond day-to-day issues. Upon his death, Betty was overwhelmed with the financial and legal issues she had to resolve, including having only her own Social Security income […]


Being a Payee client was not always easy for Rose.  “At first, I didn’t understand how the program worked.  I was angry that someone else had control of my money because I didn’t feel like I was independent.”  Rose’s feelings are normal for a lot of Payee clients.  The Payee Program provides individualized financial management […]


Sue became involved in the counseling program due to severe postpartum depression.  She was referred by her OGBYN for counseling after the birth of her second child.  By the time Sue began counseling, her symptoms of depression were so severe that she was physically unable to leave her home.   The first several counseling sessions had to be […]

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